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TBJP Vitamin K2 & D3 60 Servings

TBJP Vitamin K2 & D3 60 Servings

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Knowing the importance of quality, we have selected a patented version of k2. Whenever possible, we choose the pharmacy grade version of a supplement, this gives you ,the user, absolute certainty in the product you are using and the quality control involved with its manufacture. This can only be guaranteed when using patented raws.

We have also decided to use a plant based version of d3. This is simply to ensure its usefulness as a health supplement is non exclusive. On the market at present, the d3 available will largely be from an animal source unless specified, like in the case of our product. Meaning it is vegan friendly!

There is no change in quality of the product, and there is in fact an additional environmental benefit. D3 is often taken from sheep's wool, where as our d3 is from plant algae. By not involving live stock, the process lowers C02 emissions.

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