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Osavi Collagen Beauty & Sport by Magda Linette

Osavi Collagen Beauty & Sport by Magda Linette

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Collagen Beauty & Sport


Food supplement in the form of a powder containing clinically tested, bioactive collagen peptides, VERISOL®, to improve the appearance of hair, skin and nails and TENDOFORTE® for active lifestyle support.

Together with our ambassador Magda Linette, a talented Polish tennis player, we created Collagen Beauty & Sport to promote an active lifestyle supported by conscious, safe supplementation.  We know that uninterrupted production and reconstruction of collagen in the body is the basis for maintaining fitness, youth and vitality. In our Collagen Beauty & Sport, you will find the patented and clinically tested bioactive collagen peptides VERISOL® and TENDOFORTE®, which address the needs of  modern people caring for their appearance, fitness, condition and, in line with the "anti-aging" trend, wishing to preserve their youth for many years.

Collagen makes up as much as 30% of all proteins found in the human body and we should support its production at every stage of life. Unfortunately, after the age of 25, our tendons and ligaments weaken, more and more wrinkles appear, skin begins to look tired, our hair loses its thickness and nails grow more slowly [1]. Although it is not all up to us, there are a few important habits that we can implement even today. Collagen production should be supported by a nutritious diet that includes an adequate intake of protein, which can be found in eggs, fish, meat, legumes and nuts, among others. 

Vitamin C is also important, which we can supply to the body by consuming at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. We should pay attention to proper hydration, which means drinking a minimum of 30 ml of fluids for every kilogram of body weight. We cannot forget to protect our skin from the sun's rays and to moisturise it properly. It is advisable to learn to cope with stress, get about 7-8 hours of sleep each day, and avoid smoking and using other stimulants. Our lives should not lack regular physical activity and adequate post-workout recovery depending on the intensity of the exercise [2]. Finally, it is worth considering collagen supplementation in the form of a food supplement, as the effects have been scientifically proven. VERISOL® collagen peptides have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It has been observed that a 4-week supplementation of 2.5 g of VERISOL® collagen peptides contributed to an increase in skin elasticity, as well as a reduction in the number of wrinkles and their depth [3,4]. The same amount of 2.5 g of peptides supplemented for 3 months resulted in a significant reduction in cellulite and, after 6 months, an 8% decrease in skin rippling [5]. VERISOL® had a beneficial effect on the condition of the nails and already after 4 weeks of supplementation, 88% of the study participants noticed a marked improvement in their appearance. A 2-month supplementation of VERISOL® reduced nail cracks and/or splitting, and after 3 months, nail growth of up to 12% was reported [6].  Taking VERISOL® peptides also resulted in a significant increase in hair thickness compared to placebo [7].

In turn, TENDOFORTE® Collagen Peptides have a positive effect on the health of tendons and ligaments - especially in sports involving running, jumping or frequent changes in direction. In a study with physically active people, it was noted that after 6 months of supplementation with 5 g of TENDOFORTE® collagen peptides, ankle stability improved significantly and the risk of ankle sprains was reduced. The incidence of re-injury to the ankle joint also decreased when supplementation was continued for a further 3 months [8]. Significant benefits of supplementation were noted in female and male runners with Achilles tendon injury. As early as 3 months of supplementation combined with a calf strengthening programme improved the condition of the ankle joint, and after 6 months of supplementation (5 g/day), almost 80% of the subjects recovered and returned to running [9]. Another clinical study showed that the use of TENDOFORTE® peptide supplementation on male strength-training athletes resulted in a greater increase in the tissue matrix of the Achilles tendon. These findings suggest that TENDOFORTE® peptides may be beneficial in the prevention and rehabilitation of tendon injuries [10].

Collagen Beauty & Sport is a specially created formula containing patented and clinically tested VERISOL® and TENDOFORTE®. It is a unique combination of two types of bioactive collagen peptides that support both beauty and physical performance. The product is in the form of a tasteless and odourless powder, and its excellent solubility guarantees the pleasure of use as it can be added to drinks, smoothies and meals. A daily serving is 1 scoop (7.5 g, including: 2.5 g VERISOL® and 5 g TENDOFORTE®). The product contains no additives and is sugar-free! Choose our collagen to support your appearance, youthfulness and active lifestyle!

Why would someone benefit from supplementing with Collagen Beauty & Sport?

  • Clinically tested TENDOFORTE® supports keeping tendons and ligaments strong and flexible
  • Clinically tested VERISOL®  improves hair thickness, reduces wrinkles, helps to improve skin elasticity, decreases cellulite and improves the appearance and structure of nails.

What is special about Collagen Beauty & Sport?

  • A specially developed formula containing patented and clinically tested bioactive collagen peptides TENDOFORTE® and VERISOL®
  • Measuring scoop inside.
  • Clean label - product does not contain any additives.
  • Excellently soluble.
  • Odourless and tasteless.
  • Excellent for drinks, smoothies or meals.
  • Sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, GMO-free, kosher, halal
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